Side Effects of Steroids: What are they exactly?

The side effects of steroids vary greatly by the individual. Some people using steroid substances experience many of the following issues while some experience few. All the consequences are important to be aware of and require close attention and monitoring.

Headaches are common among steroid users and occur due to severe blood vessel restriction around areas of the brain. The dull aching associated with headaches can range anywhere from a slight pounding to persistent spearing pain that can cripple one’s daily functioning. Baldness also strikes some steroid users and is a much feared aesthetic side effect. Though not a health risk,Side Effects of Steroids: What are they exactly? Articles many men find the balding tendency to be a very demoralizing consequence of steroids. There are possible methods to address the problem such as Propecia and scalp surgery as well as the discontinuation of steroid usage.

Another dangerous side effect of steroid abuse Anabol Hardcore Reviews includes the occurrence of strokes and blood clots. Strokes occur when the blood supply to the brain is decreased and leads to diminished mental and physical capacity. Individuals experiencing a stroke are facing a lack of blood supply to the brain and the longer the organ is without blood, the higher the risk for brain damage and possible death. Blood clots, conversely, occur when blood coagulates or congeals around a group of platelets. This mass can travel to the heart or brain and threaten to block blood supply to either vital organ.

Bloating can occur through prolonged steroid usage and may become increasingly uncomfortable. The feeling is similar to having eaten too much food during a sitting but is related to water retention in the body rather than ingesting a meal. Diuretics pills can be taken under medical supervision as they release retained water but with such electrolyte disruption and water fluctuation, heart problems may develop. Impotence may strike individuals who abuse steroids. This condition is defined by male sperm that are no longer viable to impregnate a woman’s egg during the process of conception. Impotence in steroid users may be permanent and prevent male from fathering biological children.

Excessively aggressive behavior has been widely reported in steroid users with the levels increases in direct relation to the substance dosage. Due to the fluctuating levels of testosterone, many users cite a greatly elevated level of feelings of anger, rage and aggression. Mood swings can occur with regularity varying from depressive thoughts to manic periods of aggression.

Enlarged prostate is also a common result of steroid activity that can lead to future complications in relation to prostate cancer. Men should be particularly vigilant and seek medical assistance if this condition occurs. Bowel problems may also develop and lead to constipation and future gastrointestinal complications. The lower intestinal tract is especially vulnerable to steroid side effects and some individuals may find that modifying their diet is beneficial to counteracting bowel problems. Other possible side effects include high blood pressure, heart disease, nausea, aching joints, liver damage, tendon injuries, decreased testicular mass, acne-prone skin and the development of breasts.

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