Metal Garage Door Installation Made Easy

Garage doors come in many varieties so you’ll want to consider your options carefully. Not only are there many safety and security functions to choose from,Garage Doors: 4 Features That Matter Most Articlesbut you’ll also have to sift through the many styles and materials available to find the right one. Here are the four main points you’ll have to decide on.

Garage doors come with many more functions than just open and close. There are many with advanced security features such as codes and automatic Garage Door Installation system shut off for extended absences as well as practical options like automatic overhead lights and keychain receiver entry. What extra functions you’ll want depends on your needs as well as the location of the garage. The less secure the area, the better it is to invest in a quality system with many safety features. If you have small children or pets you will also want to ensure you get one that will emergency stop via motion sensors or

There are several styles that many garage doors come in including roller, single panel, and sectional. What materials you want, the size of your garage, and the security features you desire will help determine which style of door is best for your garage. Not all doors can be fitted into all frames, and some will not work with certain security features.

It is important to carefully consider which material you’d prefer as it can have a great impact on the longevity, security, beauty, and required maintenance of garage doors. Wood is often a popular choice for its aesthetic appeal. However, wooden garage doors while attractive and versatile require much upkeep and can be damaged by weather or a heavy impact. They are also prone to rotting and warping which would require replacement. Steel doors are less expensive and sturdier with easy cleaning, but they are limited in appearance and can potentially rust. Recently, steel carriage doors are gaining popularity as they are made of steel but have vinyl and other materials placed on top to give the appearance of a wooden door.

The door to your garage doesn’t have to be an eyesore. Regardless if you choose metal, wood, or another material as your base, you still have several aesthetic options to choose from. Most people want their garage door to blend in with their home, so adding features and small touches can greatly add to value and beauty. The trim and color should complement or match your home. You might also consider additional features such as windows, stained glass, tile designs, or even molded pieces to add a unique touch.

If you live in a pleasant climate with few weather issues, than you won’t have to worry about durability all that much. A garage door that must survive harsh winters, heavy rains, hail, extreme heat, or even just the minor bump from careless driving should be chosen based on strength. Steel, single panel doors can withstand a lot of dings and can be repaired without too much hassle while wood will suffer greatly under moisture.

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