BYD K10 electric buses into the Canadian market

Recently,BYD K10 electric buses into the Canadian market Articles the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation CBC reported that China’s BYD Auto in Windsor, Ontario, Canada (Windsor) signed an agreement to purchase BYD K9 electric bus investment in public transport services, and BYD is expected to put into operation in Canada, local the car.

Under the agreement, the city of Windsor will purchase 10 BYD K9 pure electric bus for the bus fleet of Windsor, transport companies (TransitWindsor) Wen Shacheng which will allow for the city of North America’s first long trip pure electric buses. In addition, this fall, Windsor will be augmented by a further purchase of two K9 bus, there may be additional order more that the car. BYD will be under the project in cooperation with local Enwin utilities team, 12-15 years after the motor vehicle, the battery bus will be used for energy storage station.

Windsor transportation bus lines covering Detroit in the U.S. and parts of Canada, the BYD pure electric buses will be adjacent to the border areas in the United States and Canada.

Said Windsor Mayor Eddie Francis (EddieFrancis), electric buses and compared to conventional buses, similar in cost, but the long-term perspective, savings and consumption for the city. Said: “Due to rising oil prices, electric buses run the application is able to save a lot of money.” Li Ke, BYD’s senior vice president and president of BYD Auto Co., Ltd. also praised the Windsor emphasis put on environmental protection.

Francis also revealed that the negotiate contracting one of the purposes is to allow Wensha Cheng pioneer of electric buses used in public transportation system, and ultimately to establish a production center here. Windsor will also help BYD to promote electric buses to other cities in North America.

BYD electric buses were manufactured in bmw ix3 battery preconditioning China. Francis pointed out that, if the sales to be growth, the factory car dvd and car gps will also come to Windsor, Canada.

Francis said that BYD Company, a management staff to disclose to him, the planned annual production of 500 two buses in Windsor. Their comments, said: “That means that 500 direct jobs, and does not include the upstream and downstream parts suppliers.”

BYD K9 electric bus length of about 40 feet (12.192 meters). Electric buses in the batch install and use a lithium iron phosphate batteries, the rechargeable batteries contain heavy metals, toxic electrolyte in the production process to avoid the use of corrosive.

Successful exports to the Windsor electric buses, BYD next will continue to expand in the North American electric car sold in bulk market. In the past two years, BYD pure electric vehicles total mileage of more than 10 million miles.
BYD electric bus in global sales has exceeded 300, 2012 and 1300 orders, BYD become the world’s largest electric bus manufacturers. In March of this year, BYD eBUS-12 electric buses are the Fen Lanwei Veolia Transportation, Inc. (VeoliaTransport) favor for the performance of electric vehicles in the test cold conditions.

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